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Meet Serena M. Lee

CEO Delois Studios | Publisher | Speaker | Autism Advocate| Lupus Survivor | Author | Fitness Coach


Serena M. Lee is the CEO of Delois Studios and Delois Publishing. She has been a graphic designer since 2003. To fulfill her dream of becoming an entrepreneur she started a production firmed named after her mother, Mary Delois Lee, who died from cancer in 2015.


Fighting her own battles with lupus, Serena is focused on the importance of self-care and finding balance with her home life and work life.

A mother of two incredible teenage boys, she has spent the last few years working to create beautiful designs that help enhance business and personal brands. A lover of the arts, Serena brings a unique style and vision to all her designs.


She is constantly working to develop her craft in design and video production. Working on films such has Couples Night, All In (Born in the Game), Nanay Ko and The Available Wife have given her hands-on education and production skills.

Her goal is to help inspire and empower others to be their best version of themselves.


For More Information about Serena M. Lee follow her on Instagram @delois_studios and @speakerserenalee.

She looks forward to hearing from you.

About Delois Studios, LLC

Delois Studios, LLC is a 100% woman owned production studio specializing in graphic design and video production. The company was founded by multimedia artist Serena M. Lee. Over the years Delois Studios has worked with a group of unique passionate and artistic professionals looking to build their brand and grow their business. 


Our services include social media marketing, brand design and consulting, film development and publishing.


In 2019, Delois Studios published author Janice E.C. Coleman with her book “Night Walker”. 

Night Walker is  a mystery-crime-romance-paranormal story. The plot is driven through action, parapsychology, social question and relationships buoyed by passion, doubt and fate. You can now find Night Walker on Amazon.


The goal for Delois Studios is to create beautiful and practical designs that can be used to enhance the look of your business.

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